Wojciech Kwolek

Small update to DoneTh.at.

I’ve finally started working on DoneTh.at again!

As part of my therapy I’m trying to write down the good stuff that’s happening in my life, and a part of that is actually doing productive stuff. This reminded me that DoneTh.at existed, and is a perfect tool for that. So, with the newfound motivation, I’ve deployed two small updates and I’m working on something bigger.

Bugfix: you can now set midnight as the start of day.

I’ve implemented a feature in DoneTh.at, where you can set when a day “begins”. So - if you set it to 2 AM, tasks you’ve submitted before 2 AM on a Tuesday get added to Monday. Due to incorrectly set validation, it was not possible to make this setting 0 - midnight. That’s fixed now.

Graph now shows average.

The 7-day graph now shows a line representing the 7-day average. I might change it to not include the current day until it’s finished, so that you can use it to motivate yourself to match the previous days.


I am working on creating an API for integrating DoneTh.at with other services!

I am hoping to then make plugins for various productivity tools for managing tasks, with stuff like Duolingo, etc.

A Telegram bot is also in plans :)

2021-12-04 15:06:35 +0100 +0100