Wojciech Kwolek


Small update to DoneTh.at.

I’ve finally started working on DoneTh.at again! As part of my therapy I’m trying to write down the good stuff that’s happening in my life, and a part of that is actually doing productive stuff. This reminded me that DoneTh.at existed, and is a perfect tool for that. So, with the newfound motivation, I’ve deployed two small updates and I’m working on something bigger. Bugfix: you can now set midnight as the start of day.
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DoneTh.at: the why and the future.

As some of you might know (because it is on my main website), I have recently built DoneTh.at:


The reasoning behind the project is that I noticed that I often feel like I waste my time a lot or am unproductive everyday. Even though that is true sometimes, usually it’s just that I quickly forget what I accomplished during the day, and unless I have been working on something all day, I feel like I didn’t do much.

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