Wojciech Kwolek


Using Docker buildx for native multiarch builds.

TL;DR I wanted to build multiarch images using multiple machines with different architectures instead of QEMU. # add some amd64 machine that has docker docker context create bob --docker "host=ssh://bob@" # create a buildx builder with your local machine added to it docker buildx create \ --name multiarch --node arm64 \ --platform linux/arm64/v8 \ default # add the amd64 machine to it docker buildx create --append \ --name multiarch --node amd64 \ --platform linux/amd64,linux/amd64/v2,linux/386\ bob # build & push your image docker buildx build \ --builder multiarch \ --platform linux/amd64,linux/arm64/v8 \ --push --tag username/imagename .
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2022: new year's resolutions: big update

i got diagnosed with adhd lmao
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2022: new year new me or something

Soooo we are starting a new year. I usually don’t do new year resolutions but I am at a point in my life where I actually have to do something with my life or it is going to be bad. So, December ended with some intense emotional turmoil, I had to cut off the connection which I had with a friend who is very dear to me (after like, 5 years of basically being non-stop in each other’s lives.
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Life update: 4 day workweek.

This is just a short update post, but starting this month (October) I have switched to a 4 day * 8 hours workweek, so now I work from Tuesdays to Fridays, which means I can relax on the weekend and then do something useful for myself on Monday. Alternatively, I have an additional day for being sad, or something. Hopefully, this means that I’ll get back into my open source projects.
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Reverse pomodoro.

Hello 2021.

I am an university student. I don’t think I like being one, and around two weeks before the christmas break my brain decided to literally stop all the productivity. Couldn’t even get myself to check what I am supposed to be doing/learning.

This continued well into the christmas break, and only after the New Year’s I came across a tweet that helped me break out of this productivity sinkhole loop, and I’d like to share it here because I’d be in much more trouble at uni if I didn’t encounter this.

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A Duolingo helper to avoid skipping through corrections.

I tend to go through Duolingo lessons quite fast (if you do not know what Duolingo is, I recommend checking it out - it is quite a fun way to learn languages, and for free.)

This results in me usually typing in the sentences at my 80 WPM (well, the average is probaly less, but I’m trying to train it to be more consistent), then quickly smashing Enter twice to first submit the sentence, and then accept the “Correct!” message.

Sometimes, however, I make a mistake, and would like to read the correction before advancing further. Unfortunately, my monkey brain got trained to mash the Enter key twice to go as fast as possible to the next lessons. Aaand then I decided to fix that with my computer-y powers.

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